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What are Travertine Pavers?

Travertine is a form of calcium carbonate, resulting by deposition by springs or rivers. It is a beautiful colored, less coarse grained, natural stone quarried in Turkey's mountainous regions. There are also said to be large quantities of travertine in Italy, Greece and South America.

Historical Uses
Travertine has been used in the construction of buildings since the Roman era. There is also said to be travertine used in the construction of the pyramids in Egypt.

The Colosseum is one of the largest buildings in the world, and was mostly constructed with travertine. This was made possible due to the large deposits of this stone that were quarried from Tivoli.

The Getty Center in Los Angeles, California, was also built using travertine, imported from Tivoli specifically for the project.

Travertine Pavers Benefits
Travertine pavers are ideal for use around the pool and patio areas, because they will stay cool on your feet and are freeze-thaw compatible. Travertine pavers have a non-slip surface finish to offset their high co-efficient of friction. This means that travertine will provide a safe walking and play surface area for the whole family.

Travertine pavers can withstand weathering and erosion without deteriorating. It is known that travertine material improves with age. Colors will not fade over time, and the stone will maintain it's natural color for decades.

Another great benefit is that travertine pavers require little to no maintenance or cleaning. They are simply a natural hard-wearing stone material. The Roman Colosseum and other buildings made of travertine that are thousands of years old are still standing today.

Once travertine is quarried it is then cut into paver size and thickness, allowing it to be used as a paving material. Commercially, travertine paving stones have been used for street pavements, markets, malls, and also churches. Travertine pavers are also widely used in the landscaping industry. It can create unique outdoor flooring arrangements for patios, balconies, walkways, driveways and around the pool. Travertine is also ideal for use as stepping stones in the garden, borders, and edging around flower beds.

How does Travertine Compare to Limestone or Marble?
Travertine is a type of "morphed" limestone, where the lime content has been deposited by water. Limestone is the youngest of the natural stones - travertine being 50 million years old, and marble the oldest at 100 million years old. Limestone is the most commonly used construction stone, featured in many popular buildings around the world. Travertine is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, because it is non-slip and twice the strength of concrete. Marble, the oldest stone, constains more veining throughout. Travertine is a much wider natural stone than marble, and is suitable for all the same applications as marble.

Now that is a durable product! But you need a professional to install travertine. The Paver Pros at A.F.N. Landscaping are definitely the professionals you are looking for. Take a moment to review our work.
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Outdoor Kitchens

AFN ~ The Paver Pros can provide you with an Outdoor Kitchen constructed of Natural Stone, Decorative Concrete Block Systems, or Travertine. Counter tops are typically fabricated with Granite. The patio flooring can be designed and installed by AFN using interlocking concrete pavers, travertine, or flagstone. We can also install a kitchen on your existing patio.

A well designed Outdoor Kitchen can be the perfect solution for a host who enjoys entertaining and cooking outdoors. We know from experience that when we entertain and serve food there is an enormous amount of gathering items and running around before our guests arrive. A properly designed Outdoor kitchen can alleviate much of this activity and allow us to entertain and enjoy ourselves at the same time.

Our designer will meet with you and help you to create your Outdoor Dream Kitchen.
    Some questions you should be able to answer are:
  • What kind of cooking will I do outdoors? How often?
  • What kind of entertaining will I do? Large groups or small?
  • Will we eat outdoors or bring the food back inside?
  • What times of the year will I use this space?
  • Will I need to move kitchen components or will I have them permanently installed?
  • What furniture will I have or do I have for the space?
Kitchen Options
There are almost as many variables in designing an Outdoor Kitchen as there are when designing an indoor kitchen. However, as with any thing else your budget is an important part of this decision making process.

Outdoor Fireplaces can also be incorporated into your entertaining patio.
Contact us today and our Chef will help you to create your Outdoor Dream Kitchen.

However, if you just want a pretty kitchen you can always hire a Chef for your party

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Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor Kitchen
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